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Business Process Consulting

A healthy and efficient product development process is instrumental in bringing your product to market faster and ensuring its quality. We provide a wide range of process consulting services aimed at analyzing, fine-tuning, or even transforming your current processes. Our business process consulting experts will adapt your business processes to the goals and needs of your business and further and safely increase process efficiency.

Business process consultants will monitor and collect process data as part of their process consulting approach. With process data mining tools and applications, they will further gather information and report on where your organization finds bottlenecks, disruptions, redundancies, and waste resources, and where you can automate them. In general, a business consultant works to make your operations faster, more robust, and less prone to problems. They design solutions that bring your employees, technology and capital together to thrive.

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There are many methods for consulting and improving business processes, and these processes varies for the clients requirement. Different approaches focus on different aspects of the organization. Depending on the organization's preferences, business process consulting will always work to help companies improve their operations within the preferred approach.

  • # Business Transformaton
  • # Gap Analysis
  • # Performance Optimization
  • # Business Agility
  • # Project Management
  • # Change Management
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Advantages of Business Process Consulting services at Smart Katalyst

  • Identifying the key problems and risks the new team composition can bring about, and creating a response strategy
  • Increased predictability and quality of software delivery
  • Kickstarting your Agile transformation journey from the very basics by introducing you to the Lean Principles and the core values of Agile
  • Defining your value streams, finding bottlenecks, identifying room for improvement in your development process, and helping you optimize the way you deliver business value to your customers
  • Teaching your development team to create and retain knowledge, and deliver high-quality products fast through an extensive use of good engineering practices
  • Initiating a smooth transition of your development process to Scrum or Kanban
  • 24*7 support
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