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As a software development company delivering UI/UX design services for web and mobile app development solutions, SMARTKATALYST believes an app design is an integral part of any digital user experience and is often pivotal to the success of a solution with feature-rich functionality.

The SMARTKATALYST’s design team always makes sure that the UX/UI design process for each client follows the standard multi-step process of researching, iterating, and testing. Thus, prior to formulating the UX/UI design concept for an application, we make extensive research into the nature of the clients' business, their business needs and processes. On several occasions, in order to do this more efficiently, our designers are interviewing our clients in person during on-site visits. This is the first step of the design process the team follows creating a design capable to deliver expected business results to clients and give end-users a pleasurable experience. These are the stages we go through on the way to clients and users’ maximum satisfaction

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The very nature of a number of major projects SMARTKATALYST has implemented has allowed our design team to gain precious experience in making major and intricate functionality easy-to-use. Thus, in addition to always having an appealing visual layout, the design solutions we deliver are always user-centered, highly usable and intuitive.

  • # 300+ Designs Delivered
  • # 5+ Team Strength
  • # Stunning Visual Interface
  • # 120 Happy Clients
  • # 90% Repeat Business
  • # Quality Designs
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Advantages of UI & UX Services at Smart Katalyst

  • Follow industry standard practices
  • An effective way of engaging the audience
  • The development of a design concept and information structuring
  • Project-specific designs
  • Prototype-based UI/UX design development
  • Feasible and Convenient
  • 24*7 support

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